Walking Rugby

Fridays 10.30am - 11.30am at Winchcombe Sports Hall (£3 per session)

This is definitely one to 'try' if you are a die-hard rugby fan! Not quite as physically demanding as the full game but using the same skills, just at a slower pace. With expert support and coaching from Gloucester Rugby's Mathew Lydiard, you will find the class energising and fun, a great way to keep fit. Call 01452 872273. Beginners also welcome and the class is suitable for both men and women.

Mrs T from Greet: &ldquot;It's absolutely fabulous. It's fun as well as keeping me fit. It's the best activity that I have participated in and it's made extra special by Nicole, who is an excellent teacher.”

Mr C from Greet: “It's a very good work-out to say the least and just what I need. It's also great fun and we have a great teacher.”

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